Interview with Propane Fitness

Jonny & Yusef, the geniuses behind Propane Fitness, join me on the podcast to chat about a whole host of ridiculous things.

They have one of the best podcasts on the internet, as well as, one of the best resources for bullshit-free fitness advice.

Sharing their experience and knowledge, they help people all over the world achieve their physique goals, improve performance, and level up their strength.

They’ve both competed in strength competitions before and aren’t strangers to getting shredded either.

For Jonny & Yusef, they believe fitness and obtaining your goals are achievable with simple solutions. Hence, why their tag line is, “Simple Rules. Dramatic Results.”

Not only are they writers, but they also host their own podcast which has a ton of amazing guests. You can find it here.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Tall and sour
  • Long legs
  • How Propane Fitness came to be
  • Why people assume they need dramatic rules to get simple results
  • Bogged Down (video on their site)
  • How and where they developed their articles
  • Getting Lean
  • When you write your best content it’s usually a reminder to yourself
  • Bulking on 600g of carbs
  • Why and how they started their podcast
  • Rules or principles that guide their lives
  • Decision fatigue (studies on juries)
  • Fighting bears and squats
  • Bringing out personality in writing
  • The strangest question I’ve ever been asked
  • Creating content that are more than lifting and nutrition
  • Where the developed their name
  • Marrying diet with lifestyle
  • Living in the grey
  • Handling failure
  • Fun questions
  • The Queen, David Cameron, and sandwiches
  • Diet experiments they’ve tried
  • Intermittent fasting the good and the bad
  • Finding a diet that fits your lifestyle
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