These are the rules that keep me disciplined, on target, and help me live the most kick ass life ever.


In May of 2016, I had Craig Ballantyne on the podcast and we chatted, amongst many things, about the rules he has for his life.

A guideline of principles that he follows every day, that direct his vision of business, success, and personal development.

A couple months before that, at a conference in Austin, Texas, a presenter talked to the attendees about rules and why they must be followed.

Both of these events created a cascade of thoughts in my mind.

“Do I have rules that I follow that guide my life?”

“Am I just flying by the seat of my pants?”

So I took the challenge from Craig and developed my own.

There are nine of these and they’re important to my life, my business, but most of all, they’re rules that help me be the best I can be—help me achieve my highest level.

In this episode I discuss:

Craig Ballantyne

Arianna Huffington

Importance of Sleep


Electronics in the Bedroom


Always Be Silly

Being a geek is awesome

Complaining solves nothing

Enjoy the time you spend with others

Kevin Spacey & The 2%

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