Interview with Dr. John Rusin

Dr. John Rusin, aka “The Strength Doc,” isn’t your typical strength coach. He’s also a physical therapist.
He first went the route of the traditional strength & conditioning coach but found he had more of a passion for sports performance physical therapy.

Human performance is now is life-blood. He has an impressive and diverse list of clientele. From NFL and MLB athletes to competitive powerlifters and bodybuilders, Dr. Rusin develops programs aimed at promoting better recovery and regeneration for world class athletes.

Dr. Rusin has one goal: to bridge the ever-growing gap between high-performance strength and conditioning and cutting-edge rehabilitation methodology for both elite strength athletes and amateur fitness fanatics.

He brings over a decade of high-level training experience along with advanced degrees in both Exercise Science and Physical Therapy, creating result oriented programs for my clients. This synergy of academia and in-field training experience sets the tone for intelligently designed approaches to fitness and performance.



On this episode we discuss:

  • Strength Doc Podcast
  • Name changes
  • Jason Helmes
  • How he got into the industry and strength coach
  • Bridging the gap
  • Communication breakdown between physical therapists and strength coaching
  • Appreciating movement patterns
  • Pain is a great indicator
  • Exercises vs movement pattern
  • Working with Chinese athletes
  • Learning the intricacies of athletes in other sports
  • Conquering his own fear and self-doubt and stepping out on his own
  • Getting published in T-Nation
  • Building an authentic brand
  • Struggles of entrepreneurship
  • Fun questions
  • Relationships with our fathers and the greatest lesson he learned from his dad
  • Sonic Cheeseburgers and expensive fast food meals
  • Wisconsin cheese curds
  • Aaron Rodgers goes dairy free
  • Greatest NFL QB of all time
  • Where he sees the Buffalo Bills going as his team
  • Balancing life and family
  • Finding his creative spirit and writing
  • Eric Bach
  • His writing process
  • What his downtime looks like
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

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