Scott Herman has been working in the fitness industry since he was 14. And it’s his love of helping people change their bodies and lives that led Scott to start a YouTube channel that now has over 1.3 million subscribers.


If you’ve ever Googled or searched for an exercise on YouTube, I guarantee you that you’ve seen or learned from Scott Herman.



After graduating college, Scott headed back to the gym he’d worked at all through High School and worked as a personal trainer while opening a brand new location. It was at this location that he launched And months later, won a contest for Men’s Health magazine and was given the title, “Best Abs on The East Coast.” From that magazine press, Scott entered the fitness modeling realm. And at the behest of one of his clients sent in an audition tape for The Real World.


After his season on The Real World: Brooklyn, Scott headed back to Massacheutes where he launched his YouTube channel and quickly gained recognition online.


In 2015, Scott relaunched his website as in 2015. And he continues to create content, videos, and makes appearances as a BSN Athlete at bodybuilding and fitness shows worldwide.


But Scott is more than fitness. He’s also a huge nerd who loves comics, Dragonball Z, Zelda, and collecting movies.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How he got into YouTube
  • Struggles of fitness modeling
  • How he ended up on MTV’s Real World
  • Why he hasn’t done a ton of Vlogging
  • Starting his idea factory
  • What video games he’s waiting for
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Battletoads
  • What he would be doing if he wasn’t doing fitness
  • Creating a community on YouTube
  • Which of his four tenets if the most important to him
  • Positivity is key
  • Bullshit in the industry
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Meeting people in the industry
  • Admiring superheroes
  • Matt Damon or Ben Affleck
  • Cinema Sins
  • Fun Questions
  • What rules/guidelines he follows in life
  • What nerd toys he collects
  • Zelda Three Heart Challenge
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  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

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