Why We Need Myths Like Star Wars (and What it Means to Me)

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to put into words how or what I felt the first time I saw Star Wars.


Since that first viewing, I’ve seen the movies maybe a thousand times. And each time I watch them, the world feels right. Something feels perfect.


The mythology that is ingrained in Star Wars is important. It tells a story that we’ve been telling for centuries. Wrapped in myth, Star Wars is a story of human struggle. Not only physical but mental and spiritual.


I knew I wanted to release this episode the week of Rogue One. What I didn’t know is that I would hear a podcast that would send my mind into a world of contemplation.


Star Wars is The Hero’s Journey in every aspect. But that journey isn’t about taking down an evil Empire. It’s an internal journey; the metaphysical journey of an individual from an old life to a new, more powerful existence.


The Greeks called it apotheosis — man becoming divine. And that’s the story that the Hero’s Journey tells: man descending into Hell (his inner Hell), defeating the dragon (beast/Death Star/Dragon), and returning to the world changed and made new.


And it’s this myth, this hope of change and apotheosis, that has always made Star Wars mean so much to who I am.


The only note you need for this episode is this podcast with Joe Rogan and Dr. Jordan Peterson.


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