Interview with Steve Hall


Steve Hall is a natural bodybuilder and powerlifter. His biggest claim to fame is that he’s a pizza connoisseur.


But his story says otherwise. A few years ago, Steve was in a horrific accident that damn near changed every thing in his life. Even with extensive head trauma, something deep inside of Steve Hall told him that he could come back from this.


Fast forward a few years later, and Steve is now competing in bodybuilding shows and coaching others to look their best on stage.


Growing up Steve was a victim of bullying. Something that we talk a little about in this episode.


He is also a podcast host himself.


In this episode we discuss:


  • How he crafts his articles
  • Mike Samuels
  • Finding your voice in writing
  • Training through an injury
  • Eating and training on holiday
  • How a car accident changed his life
  • Bullying
  • His first bodybuilding show after his accident
  • The most important value he tries to display to his listeners/clients
  • Bodybuilding and business: How they’re linked
  • What makes good pizza
  • Fun questions
  • What Pokemon he would be
  • What motivated him through his accident
  • The most common misconception about bodybuilding
  • Website
  • Twitter
  • SnapChat
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

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