4 Fitness Coaches Discuss Strength Training, How to Get Stronger, & Why It’s Important

In the 4th episode of “Coaches Corner”, strength expert Greg Nuckols joins Adam Fisher and Nick Sorrell and myself to discuss Strength Training. Strength is by far the key to shredding more fat, building more muscle, and has a vital role in longevity as well. Please check the show notes below for links to articles, books, or studies mentioned in the episode.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Strength & why it is important
  • Greg’s maintenance mode
  • Bodybuilders are strong
  • Bodybuilders who made the switch to powerlifting
  • Training factors that influence strength
  • Neural factors that influence our strength
  • The simple answer sometimes is “get more jacked”
  • Practice the lift or get jacked first?
  • Mistakes new lifters make
  • General Physical Preparedness
  • The point where neural adaptation stops and muscle growth begins
  • Stu Phillips (report on hypertrophy)
  • Studies on HMB
  • More muscle equals the potential for more strength
  • Get lean first or gain first?
  • Tips when your strength plateaus
  • Sleep in Africa
  • Sleep and athletes
  • The Rock next to Charles Barkley
  • The Rock, Yao Ming, Kevin Hart
  • Does height affect muscle growth like girth?
  • Casey Butt study wrist/ankle size
  • Does ankle size affect an athletes explosiveness?
  • The cases of two brothers and who can be stronger
  • High carbs for a short period of muscle gain
  • High carb experiences
  • Two liters of Cheerwine vs Gatorade
  • Tang for Gainz
  • Odd things you did to increase strength
  • Importance of tracking and experimenting
  • Squat 14 times a week
  • 2 a day workouts
  • Tips for strengthing training in 2016
  • Why strength matters to them


Greg Nuckol’s Website

Adam Fisher’s Website

Nick Sorrell’s Website

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