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Dan John on Connected the Dots, Simplifying Training, & His Definition of Evil

Dan John is one of the most recognized, influential, and creative minds in the world of strength and conditioning.  He is credited with inventing the Goblet Squat and the athletes he has trained over the years have won countless awards and medals.  Dan is not just some “muscle head”, he is a Fulbright Scholar, has been published in countless magazines and websites and has written numerous books: Never Let GoCan You GoInterventionMass Made Simple and co-authored Easy Strength with Pavel Tsatsouline and Fat Loss Happens on Monday with Josh Hillis.

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Mitch Heaslip on Poutine, Fat Loss, & Texas

In today’s episode I interview Mitch Heaslip of Mitch Heaslip Fitness and the man behind Fat Loss Inferno on Fitocracy.   Mitch is a strength and fat loss coach hailing from Canada but currently residing Dirty D, Dallas, Texas.  His clients have been soldiers, police officers, medics and fire fighters.  Currently he works in Dallas as a personal trainer and coaches online helping his clients build strength, burn fat, and building a life long commitment to health.

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