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Aadam Ali of Physiqonomics on Mario Kart, Bruce Lee, & Overcoming Cognitive Biases

Anytime I find a fellow nerd, video game lover, and weight lifter I get really happy.  This week’s podcast guest is one of those guys.  Adam Ali of Physiqonomics is a writer and fitness coach.  He has been featured on sites like BroBibleStrength TheoryHealth Living, Heavy LiftingJMax Fitness and more.  Like myself, Adam finds inspiration for his content from all the geeky and nerdy things he grew up on like Super Mario, Dragonball, and video games.

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Jon Goodman of the Personal Trainer Development Center on Living like the Blue Power Ranger, Business, & Travel

EPISODE 50!!!  

In the 50th episode I interview Jon Goodman the man who has made it his goal to educate people on how to become a personal trainer through the resources he has developed.  Jon has been one of the most successful trainers in the business and on the business side of the fitness industry, Jon, is one of the smartest and most idolized individuals when it comes to running and operating an online business.  Jon’s personal training bookIgnite the Fire, is a must have resource for any one new to personal training and it is his goal to get it in the hands of every personal trainer in the world. 

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Omar Atlas & The Story of How a Broken Heart lead Him to Fitness

In this episode I interview Omar Atlas of Alpha Aesthetics.  Omar was once a PhD candidate in Psychology who found a love for working out while in college.  He works with clients to help develop the best in themselves as well as a community of like minded individuals.   He firmly believes that every major successful intervention for behavior change in the history of mankind involved dedicated communities who actively fostered conditions that help satisfy people’s need for autonomy, competence, and belonging.

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