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Dan John on Connected the Dots, Simplifying Training, & His Definition of Evil

Dan John is one of the most recognized, influential, and creative minds in the world of strength and conditioning.  He is credited with inventing the Goblet Squat and the athletes he has trained over the years have won countless awards and medals.  Dan is not just some “muscle head”, he is a Fulbright Scholar, has been published in countless magazines and websites and has written numerous books: Never Let GoCan You GoInterventionMass Made Simple and co-authored Easy Strength with Pavel Tsatsouline and Fat Loss Happens on Monday with Josh Hillis.

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Daniel Koppenhaver on Being a Firefighter, Mastering the Mundane, & Competing at the US National Weightlifting Championships

In this episode I interview one of my best friends, Dan Koppenhaver, about his experience of competing at the US National Weightlifting Competition in Dallas, Texas and what went into his training.  Dan is a full time firefighter in Durham, NC and when he is not at the station he is usually lifting.  Dan has made huge sacrifices to reach the level he is at now, including, waking up to train at 4am before he pulls a 24 hour shift at the firehouse.  

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