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Scott Tousignant on Connecting Mind to Muscle, Family, & MAT

In this episode I interview Scott Tousignant “The Physique Artist” of Metabolic Masterpiece.  Scott is most importantly a husband and father but also happens to be a natural bodybuilder and online fitness coach.  He got started at an early age in the world of fitness and achieved his dream of opening and running his own gym.  He left that dream after a couple of years because he knew he needed to spend more time with his family.  Scott is also co-hosts his own podcast host with former Side Quest Podcast guest Bryan Krahn.

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Matt Cleary on Why Ghanda is a Dick in Civ & Ben and Jerry’s

In this week’s episode I interview Matt Cleary of The Cleary Theory.  Born in Britain, Matt Cleary is one of the best trainers in Dubai today. While in the UK he worked with championship winning athletes in the United Kingdom and United States.

He thinks a little more out loud than some when he writes but he hopes that he can provide inspiration even if he goes on a little bit of a rant.  Matt has an uncomfortable relationship with the sun, oves orangutans, irony and superhero movies. He also enjoys to write in the third person.

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Jon Goodman of the Personal Trainer Development Center on Living like the Blue Power Ranger, Business, & Travel

EPISODE 50!!!  

In the 50th episode I interview Jon Goodman the man who has made it his goal to educate people on how to become a personal trainer through the resources he has developed.  Jon has been one of the most successful trainers in the business and on the business side of the fitness industry, Jon, is one of the smartest and most idolized individuals when it comes to running and operating an online business.  Jon’s personal training bookIgnite the Fire, is a must have resource for any one new to personal training and it is his goal to get it in the hands of every personal trainer in the world. 

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Kia Khadem on Cheating or Not Cheating, That is the Question

In this episode I interview Kia Khadem.  I met Kia at the KC Fitness Summit and after chatting with him knew he would be a great guest to get on.  He is also doing some great work in his writing as well as around Toronto and more people should know about him.  Kia has three principles that guide his fitness philosophy with his clients: get back to the basic, address habits one at a time, and have fun.

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Tony Gentilcore on Squeezing Oranges in Our Armpits While We Lightsaber Duel

In this epiosde I interview Tony Gentilcore of Cressey Sports Performance.  Tony has written for T-Nation,, Livestrong, Men’s Health, and more.  He is now the #1 guy at Cressey Sports Performance in Boston and a go to source for anyone looking for information on fitness.  He is also a giant nerd who loves Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, 90s hip-hop, and movies.

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