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Aadam Ali of Physiqonomics on Mario Kart, Bruce Lee, & Overcoming Cognitive Biases

Anytime I find a fellow nerd, video game lover, and weight lifter I get really happy.  This week’s podcast guest is one of those guys.  Adam Ali of Physiqonomics is a writer and fitness coach.  He has been featured on sites like BroBibleStrength TheoryHealth Living, Heavy LiftingJMax Fitness and more.  Like myself, Adam finds inspiration for his content from all the geeky and nerdy things he grew up on like Super Mario, Dragonball, and video games.

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Jason Helmes of Anyman Fitness on How He Stays Driven, Making Systems Work For You, & Cutting Fat for 7 months

One of my original guestsJason Helmes of Anyman Fitness, returns to the show.  In this episode we got to catch up a little bit on the work he has been doing since he last came on the show in October.  Jason is a middle school math teacher but when he is not teaching basic algebra he is helping clients lose weight and gain muscle and strength.  We discuss a lot in this episode on running a business, dieting tricks and tips, how our wives never take us too seriously, and mindset just to name a few.

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