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Mike Yanda of Fast Lane Fitness on Fatherhood, Texas A&M, & Acting Like The Future You Today

In this episode I chat with Mike Yanda of Fast Lane Fitness.  Mike is an attorney who also works as a fitness coach on the side, all while being a stay at home dad. Mike realized while in law school just how important it was for him to get into shape.  He now applies those same principles he learned on his own in school to help his clients lose fat, build muscle, and get stronger.

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Mitch Heaslip on Poutine, Fat Loss, & Texas

In today’s episode I interview Mitch Heaslip of Mitch Heaslip Fitness and the man behind Fat Loss Inferno on Fitocracy.   Mitch is a strength and fat loss coach hailing from Canada but currently residing Dirty D, Dallas, Texas.  His clients have been soldiers, police officers, medics and fire fighters.  Currently he works in Dallas as a personal trainer and coaches online helping his clients build strength, burn fat, and building a life long commitment to health.

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Tanner Baze from GNC to Jedi

In this episode I chat with Tanner Baze.  Tanner has written for BroBible and is a new contributor to Elite Daily.  Tanner works with a wide range of clients at his gym he near Atlanta as well as coaching online at Fitocracy and through his site.  He is a huge nerd and avid reader.  His love of reading is what drove him to devour all the knowledge he could on Fitness.

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