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Kennet Waale on Being Dr. Big Red & Robbie Admits His Guilty Pleasure

In this episode I interview Kennett Waale.  Kennett’s goal as a coach is to help clients reach and achieve their physical and mental potential.  Kennett and I share a lot in common, besides our sexy ginger colored hair, in that we both look at things from a larger mental stand point when it comes to achieving goals.  He is also a mobility master and below you can find a link to his free mobility e-Book!

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Tony Gentilcore on Squeezing Oranges in Our Armpits While We Lightsaber Duel

In this epiosde I interview Tony Gentilcore of Cressey Sports Performance.  Tony has written for T-Nation,, Livestrong, Men’s Health, and more.  He is now the #1 guy at Cressey Sports Performance in Boston and a go to source for anyone looking for information on fitness.  He is also a giant nerd who loves Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, 90s hip-hop, and movies.

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