It’s a state rich with history. Diverse in its landscape. And filled with a sense of pride that only those born there truly understand.

Texas was once at the bottom of the ocean. An ancient sea that separated the Eastern United States from the West.

Known as Western Interior Seaway, this ancient sea teemed with animals and fauna: Ancient life that lived, died, sank to the ocean floor and became the fossil fuels and oil that made Texas famous.

In the last year, I’ve spent a couple of weeks there, and she’s taught me something—a valuable lesson that only occurred to me while driving around her picturesque countryside.

We all know the cliche: “everything’s bigger in Texas.” And there’s a truth to that cliche.

But a few million years ago, the big Texas sky was nothing more than an ocean.

As I traveled down I-35 to Austin, and then around outlying areas of the state capital, I couldn’t help but think about Texas now vs Texas then.

How if a fish had dreamed of touching the sky and made it to the surface, only to realize he still hadn’t touched the sky, how would he feel?

Would he feel like a failure?

Would he berate himself for not achieving his goal?

Isn’t that we all do anyways?

And with that thought, I recorded this episode about what ancient Texas can teach you about your goals.

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