The Return of Jason Maxwell of JMax Fitness on Movember, Decembulk, & 2015 Achievements

Jason Maxwell of JMax Fitness returns to the show. Jason comes on to talk about growing cool moustaches in Movember as well as his one-month bulking program called Decembulk. In his pilot program for this, one of his clients gained 5 pounds of muscle all while enjoying the holiday feasts that trip many of us up during this time of the year. If gaining muscle and not fat is your goal this holiday season this is the program for you.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Weather in Malta and the US
  • Snow for the holidays
  • Decembulk
  • The Mighty Moustache look
  • His character Clive
  • Manly facial hair
  • Mistakes people make when they bulk
  • Body Fat percentage & its importance on building muscle and not storing fat
  • Problems hard gainers face
  • What is Decembulk?
  • Gaining muscle while enjoying the holidays
  • His go to calorie filler when he bulks
  • Drinking Maple Syrup out of the bottle
  • What happens after Decembulk
  • How to become Alcobolic & enjoy drinking during the holidays
  • What “hell week” of Decembulk looks like
  • The residual pump
  • Waxing a moustache
  • Jazz music of the 1920s
  • Headphones in the gym
  • Goals for 2015
  • Strategies for staying lean
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Goals for 2016
  • What he is most proud about with Decembulk
  • Tips for a successful bulk

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