Interview with Tony Gentilcore

In this episode, I interview Tony Gentilcore (website here) formerly of Cressey Sports Performance.

Tony has written for T-Nation,, Livestrong, Men’s Health, and more. He was the #1 guy at Cressey Sports Performance in Boston for many years but months after publishing this podcast Tony moved into his own small space in Boston.

Tony is a go to source for anyone looking for information on fitness. He is also a giant nerd who loves Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, 90s hip-hop, and movies.

We discuss:

  • How he got into fitness
  • Living and working with Eric Cressey
  • Young trainers, spend time in a commercial gym and learn how to be a people person
  • Wearing sweatpants
  • His bowling game
  • Being an active kid and drinking pitchers of kool-aid
  • The benefits of playing multiple sports in youth athletes
  • Why baseball players don’t need to run for long distance
  • Entitlement in youth athletics
  • We need to learn how to fail (article)
  • Its not all about winning, but it kinda is
  • What book has influenced him the most as a coach(Upside of Down)(The Power of Habit)
  • Decisive (Chip Heath) Switch, Made to Stick
  • The Martian
  • Tony’s list of movies and books on his site
  • Where did the orange in the armpit come from
  • Hardest habit for him to establish
  • Always be mindful that you dont know everything
  • That feeling when you hear someone speak and you feel like you know nothing
  • Favorite place to get work done in boston
  • Purposefully stayed away from star wars leaks online
  • Kevin Smith on the Star Wars set
  • Favorite extended universe character
  • The ewok movies were my first introduction to star wars
  • Favorite non-action arnold movie
  • Who is superior the Jedi or the Sith
  • Playing lightsaber with sticks
  • The Star Wars kid
  • What he does to deal with stress
  • Guilty Pleasure Track
  • Gandolf, Mr. Miagi, Yoda (Gluten)


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