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Preposterously Phenomenal Pumpkin Powered Provisions (Plus Pancakes)

Football season has officially started, the nights are getting slightly longer, and the world seems to be full of pumpkin flavored everything.  Shhh…I have a secret….I freaking love pumpkin.  

From Oreos, to Lattes, to beer, and more, pumpkin reminds us that it is time to put away the shorts, break out the jean jackets and prepare because winter is coming.  

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Jason Helmes of Anyman Fitness on How He Stays Driven, Making Systems Work For You, & Cutting Fat for 7 months

One of my original guestsJason Helmes of Anyman Fitness, returns to the show.  In this episode we got to catch up a little bit on the work he has been doing since he last came on the show in October.  Jason is a middle school math teacher but when he is not teaching basic algebra he is helping clients lose weight and gain muscle and strength.  We discuss a lot in this episode on running a business, dieting tricks and tips, how our wives never take us too seriously, and mindset just to name a few.

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Mitch Heaslip on Poutine, Fat Loss, & Texas

In today’s episode I interview Mitch Heaslip of Mitch Heaslip Fitness and the man behind Fat Loss Inferno on Fitocracy.   Mitch is a strength and fat loss coach hailing from Canada but currently residing Dirty D, Dallas, Texas.  His clients have been soldiers, police officers, medics and fire fighters.  Currently he works in Dallas as a personal trainer and coaches online helping his clients build strength, burn fat, and building a life long commitment to health.

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Matt Cleary on Why Ghanda is a Dick in Civ & Ben and Jerry’s

In this week’s episode I interview Matt Cleary of The Cleary Theory.  Born in Britain, Matt Cleary is one of the best trainers in Dubai today. While in the UK he worked with championship winning athletes in the United Kingdom and United States.

He thinks a little more out loud than some when he writes but he hopes that he can provide inspiration even if he goes on a little bit of a rant.  Matt has an uncomfortable relationship with the sun, oves orangutans, irony and superhero movies. He also enjoys to write in the third person.

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4 Fitness Coaches on Paleo, Taco Bell, & Other Nutrition Struggles

This is the first episode of a new monthly series I am starting called “Coaches Corner”.  The 2nd Monday of every month will feature some of my former guests in a roundtable discussion on a random topic.  This first episode is all about nutrition.  Joining me in this episode are Tanner BazeTravis PollenJoseph Brigley, and Adam Fisher

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Ben Hessel on Finding Passion, Being Gym Free, & East vs West

In this episode I chat with Ben Hessel of Gym Free Fitness.  Ben lives and works in Arizona and created his business aimed at helping people get in shape who were not fans of the gym atmosphere.  Ben is a no non-sense kind of coach who believes in helping his clients find long term sustainable approaches to diet and exercise.  He also hates detoxes with a passion.

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