About Me

Hi, I’m Robbie Farlow. And yes, it’s official, I am The King of the Gingers. But every king comes from somewhere. And every great superhero has an origin story. So too does every guy who’s ever turned his life around in the gym. And my origin story is no different.

In 2012, I was an overweight, out of shape, constantly miserable sack of poop who tried to hide from the fact that he was getting fatter by the day. I hated my body. I hated my job. And I felt like I wasn’t living the life I wanted to live; I knew I had more to offer the world, but all I was doing was playing endless hours of video games, drinking cases of beer, and getting more Jabba the Hutt-like by the day.

Then one Sunday, after washing away the smell of stale beer from the night before, I saw myself in the mirror. And it felt like a stranger was staring back at me.

What I saw in that reflection was not what I wanted to show the rest of the world; it wasn’t the man I thought I was on the inside. I knew at that moment I had to make a change. So I hit the gym and dove head first into discovering the secrets that go into burning body fat and building lean muscle.

My mission in life is simple: to help 100,000 men become their best self through effective diet, fitness, and self-help advice that’s practical and cuts through the Internet bullshit (with a little nerdtastic flare, of course).

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing men (and women) all over the world. And you can find some of my work on websites like BroBible, AskMen, Breaking Muscle, JMax Fitness, Powerlifting University, and Roman Fitness Systems.

Besides all this fitness stuff, I’m an uber-nerd who loves all things Star Wars, video games, Marvel, and 90’s music. I will eat tacos like no one’s business. And I am an avid whiskey drinker. Speaking of, I have the #1 Google-rated article on How to Start Drinking Whiskey.

And when I’m not helping my online coaching clients discover their inner superheroes or fighting white walkers, you’ll find me doing stupid things on Instagram, playing video games, and hanging out with my wife.

Oh, and if you wanna know how to make your 30s better than your 20s and want to empower yourself to make some drastic changes to your life, grab my guide here. (Or don’t. You can always just stay the same.)