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Aadam Ali of Physiqonomics on Mario Kart, Bruce Lee, & Overcoming Cognitive Biases

Anytime I find a fellow nerd, video game lover, and weight lifter I get really happy.  This week’s podcast guest is one of those guys.  Adam Ali of Physiqonomics is a writer and fitness coach.  He has been featured on sites like BroBibleStrength TheoryHealth Living, Heavy LiftingJMax Fitness and more.  Like myself, Adam finds inspiration for his content from all the geeky and nerdy things he grew up on like Super Mario, Dragonball, and video games.

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Rainy Rest Day Activities

Active rest days can be a great way to counteract your desire to train but also keep you from vegging out on the couch.  You can go for a jog, play some basketball, play disc golf (or regular golf), yoga, take a hike and explore nature in your hometown, or do some sort of mobility work or corrective exercise routines.   

Being outside is great, but sometimes mother nature decides to be a dick and throw a wrench in your plans with rain. 

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Kevin Larabee Host of The FitCast & Back in my Play, Geeks Out on Games, Weights & The Failures of the Gaming Industry

In this episode I interview Kevin Larabee of The FitCast, arguably the first fitness centered podcast.  Kevin has interned and studied with two of the most well known names in the strength and conditioning world as well as worked in the video game industry.  Kevin loves fitness but is also a huge fan of video games and even runs a second podcast dedicated to playing replaying retro games and talking about them (Back in My Play).  I had Kevin come on to chat about our mutual love of fitness and video games and recap about E3 that happened last week.  E3 is the biggest video game convention in the industry and is usually where new games are shown and teased for the holiday season.

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Stephanie Lee on Being FitnGeeky, Starting a YouTube Channel, & Video Game Manuals

In this episode I interview Stephanie Lee a editor, gamer, and all around geek.  Stephanie hails from California. Growing up as a sports-loving and weight-toting video games nerd, she earned her degree in clinical nutrition from the University of California, Davis. She left the world of video game writing for the world of fitness and started a Fitcoracy group dedicated to geeks/gamers who are trying to get fit called Fit Geek Nation.

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