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We Can Be Heroes (The Fascinating Reason Why Heroes Matter)

Heroes connect us with the humane powers inside ourselves, guiding us to through the trials of perseverance and leaving us with the understanding that anything is possible; so long as you decide to commit to one-hundred percent self-responsibility in this moment in time

We are all looking for a power, a power to overcome our greatest obstacles, that will provide us the strength to live a better life.  

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Things I Learned Over 50 Podcast Episodes

You will have to make sacrifices, i.e. time, food, Netflix marathons, money, etc.  Unlike trying to fly a space ship to Mars if you are looking to lose fat, add muscle, get in better shape, or eat better your biggest obstacle is going to be you.  So you have to hustle harder than your inner negativity.  Hustle so hard that you leave the negativity in the past.  If you can hustle and make this a real commitment for 6 months and give it the majority of your attention, you can turn your life around completely.  

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Turn Obstacles into Opportunities

The young 24-year-old kid in this photo was stuck in a fixed mindset.  I felt that I needed to prove, in numerous different ways, that I was good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, I wanted people to like me!  I remember thinking that I could never do things or accomplish certain goals.  I thought I was predetermined to be the “fuck up” for the rest of my life.  Plans were hatched but in the back of my mind, I knew they were only empty words.  That little voice climbed in and said, “you aren’t going to do this, and you know it so stay here.”  I had a “never can” or “never could” mentality.

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