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Dan John on Connected the Dots, Simplifying Training, & His Definition of Evil

Dan John is one of the most recognized, influential, and creative minds in the world of strength and conditioning.  He is credited with inventing the Goblet Squat and the athletes he has trained over the years have won countless awards and medals.  Dan is not just some “muscle head”, he is a Fulbright Scholar, has been published in countless magazines and websites and has written numerous books: Never Let GoCan You GoInterventionMass Made Simple and co-authored Easy Strength with Pavel Tsatsouline and Fat Loss Happens on Monday with Josh Hillis.

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Sohee Lee on Making Moderation Sexy, Reverse Dieting, and Savannah

In today’s episode I interview Sohee Lee who has written for, she is the co-host of Physique Science Radio,  and is the gate keeper to Biolayne the website of Layne Norton.  Sohee is a bikini competitor as well as this year entered her first powerlifting competition which we discuss in the show.  Sohee has a BA in Human Biology from Stanford University, so yea needless to say she is a million times smarter than me.  She also interned at Cressey Performance as well as worked in NYC at Peak Performance before she moved south to Savannah, GA.

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Kennet Waale on Being Dr. Big Red & Robbie Admits His Guilty Pleasure

In this episode I interview Kennett Waale.  Kennett’s goal as a coach is to help clients reach and achieve their physical and mental potential.  Kennett and I share a lot in common, besides our sexy ginger colored hair, in that we both look at things from a larger mental stand point when it comes to achieving goals.  He is also a mobility master and below you can find a link to his free mobility e-Book!

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Tony Gentilcore on Squeezing Oranges in Our Armpits While We Lightsaber Duel

In this epiosde I interview Tony Gentilcore of Cressey Sports Performance.  Tony has written for T-Nation,, Livestrong, Men’s Health, and more.  He is now the #1 guy at Cressey Sports Performance in Boston and a go to source for anyone looking for information on fitness.  He is also a giant nerd who loves Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, 90s hip-hop, and movies.

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Jeannine Trimboli on Female Physical Expectations, Powerlifting, and Being a Full Time Mom

Jeannine Trimboli is a writer and coach over at Real [FIT] Life.  She spoke recently at the 2015 Fitness Summit in Kansas City of which I had the pleasure of attending for the first time.  Her presentation hit hard but captured a spirit of “we can do better.”

She had a lot of things she did not get to in the presentation, so I wanted to have her on the show to share some of what she spoke about as well as to cover some of the things she did not get the chance to cover.

There are a lot of links here that I highly suggest you click on and check out as well.  The information and thoughts presented in them are things I think would benefit all men and women to ponder on.

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Jason Maxwell of J Max Fitness on DUP, Flexing in the Mirror, & Rabbit Meat

In this episode I interview Jason Maxwell of JMax Fitness.  Jason went to school where he majored in aero space engineering and became a real rocket scientist.  While in college he became a personal trainer and found that he wanted to help others achieve the physique/strength goals he had achieved.  He started his blog as a side project but found that he connected with readers through it and decided to devote his time to the science of health and nutrition as opposed to rockets and Mars.

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