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Put it In Reverse: A Reverse Diet Experiment

In a nutshell, a reverse diet is a protocol where you slowly add calories back into your diet after you have been in a long period of caloric restriction. 

Instead of dropping an atomic bomb of calories into your system and expanding like a mushroom cloud of fat and water retention post diet, a reverse diet Jedi mind tricks your body into accepting the increased calories. 

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Your How to Guide for Eating Healthy on Vacation

Once the 4th of July is over, most people, are done vacationing for the year.  For others they might have one more weekend or week planned before the cold chill of fall begins to descend from the North.

I just got back from vacation celebrating being married to my amazing wife for a year along with celebrating America’s Birthday.  I did not track food for the week but I did stay very conscious, mindful if you will, of what I was eating. 

You can implement a few of these yourself the next time you take a vacation.

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