How Much Protein Should I Eat (and By I, I mean You)

“How much protein should I eat every day?”

I receive this question all the time. The standard rule is that you should eat 1 gram per pound of bodyweight when it comes to weight loss.

For some people, this can be a challenge. As a general rule, I have clients shoot for 170 grams a day if you’re a man and 125 grams a day if you’re a woman. Then from there, I ask one question:

Do you like bacon or bagels?

Once you have your protein number’s been established, and clients are able to consistently hit those numbers, then we can have more fun deciding where the rest of the calories come from.

Do you like fatty foods like bacon, cheese, olive oil, rib-eye steaks, or peanut butter?

Or, are you more of a bagel, potato (sweet or white), beans, or rice fan?

Long-term weight loss success doesn’t come when you restrict the foods you love the most.

Establish your protein numbers and then make sure the rest of your calories come from the foods you love the most.

how much protein should I eat


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