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Put it In Reverse: A Reverse Diet Experiment

In a nutshell, a reverse diet is a protocol where you slowly add calories back into your diet after you have been in a long period of caloric restriction. 

Instead of dropping an atomic bomb of calories into your system and expanding like a mushroom cloud of fat and water retention post diet, a reverse diet Jedi mind tricks your body into accepting the increased calories. 

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Becoming the Batman

Almost 98% of my podcast guests answer my question of “what superhero would you be” by answering that they would be Batman.  It makes sense to be honest, a rich guy with cool toys who stands for justice and tries to right the wrongs of the city he loves.  Batman makes more sense then some dude who can only can be defeated by some rock that doesn’t exist naturally on Earth (suck it Superman).  

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Omar Atlas & The Story of How a Broken Heart lead Him to Fitness

In this episode I interview Omar Atlas of Alpha Aesthetics.  Omar was once a PhD candidate in Psychology who found a love for working out while in college.  He works with clients to help develop the best in themselves as well as a community of like minded individuals.   He firmly believes that every major successful intervention for behavior change in the history of mankind involved dedicated communities who actively fostered conditions that help satisfy people’s need for autonomy, competence, and belonging.

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