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Put it In Reverse: A Reverse Diet Experiment

In a nutshell, a reverse diet is a protocol where you slowly add calories back into your diet after you have been in a long period of caloric restriction. 

Instead of dropping an atomic bomb of calories into your system and expanding like a mushroom cloud of fat and water retention post diet, a reverse diet Jedi mind tricks your body into accepting the increased calories. 

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The .82 Gram Protein Experiment (From Stay Puft to Buff)

Like the salmon of Capistrano at the tail end of my 2014 “winter bulk” fat was beginning to flock everywhere making me look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow man.  Getting to “Stay Puft” status meant it was time to start dieting and cutting.

Unless you eat only frozen chicken and cottage cheese or down shakes all day eating over 200 grams of protein a day with a variety of protein sources gets to be expensive.

No one should ever go broke while they are trying to get bigger or leaner. 

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