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How to Get More Sleep & Level Up Your Life

Never once did I rest in a bed while playing Fallout 3.  Resting to recover health seemed really stupid when all I had to do was kill everyone in my path and take items from their lifeless carcasses to heal myself.

Sadly, when it came to my own sleep in real life, I never took it seriously either.

Sleep may be one of the most important tools we can use on our quest for fat loss, muscle gain, or living a more overall healthy life.  Yet, many of us get less than sufficient sleep and then pound 5 Hour Energy, coffee(s), or Monster/Red Bull all day just to get us to five o’clock.

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You Don’t Have to Be a Gym Rat To Get Fit or Lose Weight

As odd as it may sound coming from a gym rat like myself, I totally understand where she is coming from.

For those that lift heavy weights, they know how empowering it can be, not to mention its numerous health benefits. For some, the gym can be more terrifying than a tornado full of sharks.

When I mention lifting weights to someone new to a workout regiment, sometime I see this weird look of fear in their eyes.  A fear that if they lift weights, they will become some behemoth who eats his/her weight in red meat; a Situation wanna-be who spends six days a week at the gym and only talks about his abs, or a woman who shoots up testosterone and now wins Tom Waits karaoke contests on Saturday night.

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How to Find Your Why

Implementing a new consistent behavior that you hope will lead to a life changing habit can make you feel like a salmon swimming upstream.  You are constantly fighting the current of your own mind as you work to establish this habit. 

In all honesty, most of us would rather the habit fairy show up and magically leave the habit under our pillow. We want it all and we want it now! 

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Building A Hero Worthy Home Gym

Almost instantaneously the room erupted. The walls had seemingly given loose, making it seem as if the whole world was spinning. But after a brief moment I realized what was going on.


Screaming. Flying. And nearly frightened as I was.

Amidst that horror I felt something transcendent burning deep inside of myself.
A calling.

In that singular moment, it became clear who I was.
Or rather… who I would become.

Okay. Maybe that story was not my own…That may or may not have been the story of Batman and the Bat-Cave.

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