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Rainy Rest Day Activities

Active rest days can be a great way to counteract your desire to train but also keep you from vegging out on the couch.  You can go for a jog, play some basketball, play disc golf (or regular golf), yoga, take a hike and explore nature in your hometown, or do some sort of mobility work or corrective exercise routines.   

Being outside is great, but sometimes mother nature decides to be a dick and throw a wrench in your plans with rain. 

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Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Bar: How to Drink & Not Gain Fat

People assume that alcohol is the “Angel of Death” when it comes to fat loss, that like Indy and Marion, you have to shut your eyes and not look at it (in this case drink it) to lose weight. 

Restricting things from your diet will ultimately lead to failure.  You do not need to give up the food you love to achieve your fat loss goals, that includes zee booze.

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Tetris Planks

Let’s clear this up first.  Your core does not equal “abs.”  You can have a strong core with no ab definition.  Opera singers can manipulate their core to sustain notes, but Pavarotti has no visible abs.  Core exercises, alone, are not going to get you shredded.

Over the last few years, the plank has become the “go-to” core exercise.  Countless articles have been written about them and hundreds of people perform them at the gym every day.

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