Quick Thanksgiving Workouts

There have been a hundred or so different posts from people in the fitness industry when it comes to Thanksgiving and dealing with the typical over indulgence of food.

Some say to eat healthy.  Some say enjoy the day and just get back on track Friday.

There are also a few quick workouts you can do that morning that have been floating around as well.  So I reached out to a few of our former guests on the show to see if they had a quick 10 minute workout they would suggest IF someone decided to burn a few calories before all the turkey, stuffing, pie, and drinks.

Matt Dustin of The Athletic Physique suggests this workout:

Alternating Reverse Lunges x 1 minute
Cross Body Mountain Climbers x 1 minute
Reverse Crunches x 1 minute
Jump Squats x 1 minute
Pushups x 1 minute
Single-Leg Glute Bridge x 1 minute (30 seconds/side)

Repeat each exercise for one minute, with 15 seconds in between. Complete the entire round, rest 60-90 seconds, then repeat.

Chuck Gross of Chuck Gross Fitness suggests something you can do throughout the day if you wish:

A set of pushups till failure

Bodyweight Lunges until failure

Then chinups/pullups till failure (or negatives if you can’t do either or skip if you can’t do negatives)

Then come back a bit later when you feel you can do more and do it again. Repeat throughout the day.

Chuck’s program is perfect while watching football.  You could set up parameters for every time Tony Romo throws an interception in the Cowboys game and every time Matt Stafford throws an interception in the Lions game.   


Brian Compton of Fact and Fitness gave us a video of a quick workout you can do if you have some dumbbells.  

These are all great ideas from some of our guests on how you can attempt to get in a little calorie burn before the feast.  But I have a little workout I came up with on my own as well for you guys.  Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the time with family and friends!  Get back on the workout horse Friday!

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