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You Don’t Have to Be a Gym Rat To Get Fit or Lose Weight

As odd as it may sound coming from a gym rat like myself, I totally understand where she is coming from.

For those that lift heavy weights, they know how empowering it can be, not to mention its numerous health benefits. For some, the gym can be more terrifying than a tornado full of sharks.

When I mention lifting weights to someone new to a workout regiment, sometime I see this weird look of fear in their eyes.  A fear that if they lift weights, they will become some behemoth who eats his/her weight in red meat; a Situation wanna-be who spends six days a week at the gym and only talks about his abs, or a woman who shoots up testosterone and now wins Tom Waits karaoke contests on Saturday night.

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Things I Learned Over 50 Podcast Episodes

You will have to make sacrifices, i.e. time, food, Netflix marathons, money, etc.  Unlike trying to fly a space ship to Mars if you are looking to lose fat, add muscle, get in better shape, or eat better your biggest obstacle is going to be you.  So you have to hustle harder than your inner negativity.  Hustle so hard that you leave the negativity in the past.  If you can hustle and make this a real commitment for 6 months and give it the majority of your attention, you can turn your life around completely.  

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A Lifelong Commitment: Fitness and Marriage

Truth is, when you commit to an active health-conscious lifestyle, it will be full of successes and failures.  For a while, you will hit PR (personal record) after PR.  You will passionately stick to your diet counting every macro or calorie. On the weekend,s you will limit yourself to one or two drinks, and you may even see lots of weight dropping off the scale!

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A Geek On a Never Ending Quest of Awesome

I am no one special. I am just a socially awkward ginger kid who growing up loved Hulk Hogan, Captain America, Michael Jordan, and video games. The latter became an obsession later in life and helped me succeed in procrastinating basically every assignment constantly in college.
Growing up I felt like no one really understood me. I had to cloak my geekiness from many of my friends because, you know, jocks don’t do Captain America, StarFox, Zelda, or science type crap. Nope, it’s all sports all the time, right? It’s odd how we constantly as young people put on new tee-shirts trying to see what fits and what defines our identity. Often times hiding or pushing down the things that we are actually passionate or “geeks” about.

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