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Building A Hero Worthy Home Gym

Almost instantaneously the room erupted. The walls had seemingly given loose, making it seem as if the whole world was spinning. But after a brief moment I realized what was going on.


Screaming. Flying. And nearly frightened as I was.

Amidst that horror I felt something transcendent burning deep inside of myself.
A calling.

In that singular moment, it became clear who I was.
Or rather… who I would become.

Okay. Maybe that story was not my own…That may or may not have been the story of Batman and the Bat-Cave.

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A Geek On a Never Ending Quest of Awesome

I am no one special. I am just a socially awkward ginger kid who growing up loved Hulk Hogan, Captain America, Michael Jordan, and video games. The latter became an obsession later in life and helped me succeed in procrastinating basically every assignment constantly in college.
Growing up I felt like no one really understood me. I had to cloak my geekiness from many of my friends because, you know, jocks don’t do Captain America, StarFox, Zelda, or science type crap. Nope, it’s all sports all the time, right? It’s odd how we constantly as young people put on new tee-shirts trying to see what fits and what defines our identity. Often times hiding or pushing down the things that we are actually passionate or “geeks” about.

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