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How to Get More Sleep & Level Up Your Life

Never once did I rest in a bed while playing Fallout 3.  Resting to recover health seemed really stupid when all I had to do was kill everyone in my path and take items from their lifeless carcasses to heal myself.

Sadly, when it came to my own sleep in real life, I never took it seriously either.

Sleep may be one of the most important tools we can use on our quest for fat loss, muscle gain, or living a more overall healthy life.  Yet, many of us get less than sufficient sleep and then pound 5 Hour Energy, coffee(s), or Monster/Red Bull all day just to get us to five o’clock.

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What is the Most Accurate Way to Measure Body Fat?

Most people gauge their weight loss success with the bathroom scale.  Step up, stand still, and boom instant feedback.  However, your common household scale is about as reliable as a drunk plastic surgeon at Mardi Gras.  

Scale weight can fluctuate throughout the day depending on numerous variables and they also do not provide any measurement of how much body fat you actually have.

There are a few ways to measure body fat specifically for those who are trying to reach a certain level of “leanness.”

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Things I Learned Over 50 Podcast Episodes

You will have to make sacrifices, i.e. time, food, Netflix marathons, money, etc.  Unlike trying to fly a space ship to Mars if you are looking to lose fat, add muscle, get in better shape, or eat better your biggest obstacle is going to be you.  So you have to hustle harder than your inner negativity.  Hustle so hard that you leave the negativity in the past.  If you can hustle and make this a real commitment for 6 months and give it the majority of your attention, you can turn your life around completely.  

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Your How to Guide for Eating Healthy on Vacation

Once the 4th of July is over, most people, are done vacationing for the year.  For others they might have one more weekend or week planned before the cold chill of fall begins to descend from the North.

I just got back from vacation celebrating being married to my amazing wife for a year along with celebrating America’s Birthday.  I did not track food for the week but I did stay very conscious, mindful if you will, of what I was eating. 

You can implement a few of these yourself the next time you take a vacation.

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