My first full year as a father was, well, fucking tiring.

2022 was also the best year for business for me.

My wife got a new job and we moved to the other side of NY state, and we bought a house.

Before my son was born, I had a lovely morning routine of sitting down and reading in silence for an hour.

I tried to continue that for the first 4 months of his life. But then things got crazy with work and being a father that I found I had way less time for reading in the morning.

Instead I had breakfast to make for everyone.

And when I did have time to read at night, well, I went downstairs and played way too much Call of Duty: Warzone.

Reading 19 books in 2022 is a half of what I used to read.

You can see all my other year end book wrap up posts below:

Reading half of what I normally go through has had me feeling like I failed to be “me” as a reader this year.

2023 is a new year. And I have a goal to play less Warzone and read more at night. So who knows what I’ll take down in 2023?

Anywho, here’s that book list now.

*Note: some of what I learned are sentences directly taken from said books because the author said it better than I could summarize. These will be marked with parenthesis. Everything else will just be italicized*

If you want to know how or why you fall for certain arguments, read this.


Treat children with respect and autonomy and they will surprise you with their creativity and grow up to be better adults than yelling and demanding things of them.


Bro, Miyamoto introduced 80s/90s kids to Jungian psychology and The Hero’s Journey before anyone knew what he was doing.


“You suffer not because of reality itself, but because you resist reality.”


Yea, so, um, hormonal birth control is probably terrible for woman to take. And there’s a better, more natural way, to prevent pregnancy that doesn’t cause a host of issues.


7-year-old Robbie felt very happy to reread this.


An eye-opening look back at the decade I grew up in and better understanding the sexism the 90s held and that I absorbed without knowing it.


Fitness and philosophy? You can’t beat that combo.


The music industry is an insane industry to dive deep into.


Hemingway writes about the art of writing and completely encapsulate what it means to be a writer. Then he goes hunting in Africa.


Why is this not an action movie already?


I love Chuck. He’s one of my favorite writers. But for some reason this one felt less Chuck-like than when he’s writing essays about music.


Why don’t I read more poetry? It’s my favorite form of writing.


Is there anyone in history more influential and life-changing in his work than Aristotle?


Sometimes the family business is more terrifying to stay in, but no one else is gonna do it. So you gotta.


Just go read my article about Buffy and then watch the show already.


Scientists of the 90s worked really hard to make science and God make sense. Today that doesn’t seem to be the case.


The myth is often more powerful than the truth, but it persists because we want the myth to be real.


Short stories from Ol Ernest.

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