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What a Video Game Taught Me About Leadership

For decades all around the world, however, video games have been used as teaching tools, educating kids on a plethora of subjects like historypattern recognitioncritical thinking, and more since the early 1990s.  (Think Carmen Sandiego, Oregon Trail, Tetris, SimCity, Starcraft, etc.)

If games can teach us how to recognize patterns, develop plans of action, think critically, manage resources, problem solve and more, could a game you play online help you develop leadership skills that you can apply in RL? (that’s real life for those who don’t speak gamer)

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What is the Most Accurate Way to Measure Body Fat?

Most people gauge their weight loss success with the bathroom scale.  Step up, stand still, and boom instant feedback.  However, your common household scale is about as reliable as a drunk plastic surgeon at Mardi Gras.  

Scale weight can fluctuate throughout the day depending on numerous variables and they also do not provide any measurement of how much body fat you actually have.

There are a few ways to measure body fat specifically for those who are trying to reach a certain level of “leanness.”

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We Can Be Heroes (The Fascinating Reason Why Heroes Matter)

Heroes connect us with the humane powers inside ourselves, guiding us to through the trials of perseverance and leaving us with the understanding that anything is possible; so long as you decide to commit to one-hundred percent self-responsibility in this moment in time

We are all looking for a power, a power to overcome our greatest obstacles, that will provide us the strength to live a better life.  

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