Seven years.

That’s how long I’ve been writing a blog post detailing the books I read in the previous year.

And this year I read A LOT of books.

Okay, the vast majority of those books are ones I am not counting here. Because they were books I read to my two-year-old.

And I can only count a book once….right? If not, then I read like, I don’t know, 1,000 books?

But like I said, I’ve recapped my reading list for the last seven years.

You can see all the other years here:

Compared to last year, I read a few more books (21 vs 19).

I did, however, not succeed with my goal of playing less Call of Duty. Oops.

Anywho, here’s my 2023 book list now.

*Note: some of what I learned are sentences directly taken from said books because the author said it better than I could summarize. These will be marked with parenthesis. Everything else will just be italicized*

The best thing you can do for your health is to refrain from drinking alcohol.

A cinematic thriller-esque tale that spans the globe and involves life in the real world and a World of Warcraft-like MMORPG.

This was supposed to be scary?

A much needed dive into how women are affected by ADHD, autism, and how they too are as neurodivergent as men.

This is the book that all creators on the Internet or who use the Internet need to read to understand how to bring your most authentic self forward, and not apologize for it.

Sex, drugs, and booze were not only something rock stars lived to do, country music is rife with substance abuses; and often times it’s the same thing that brings out the best in Nashville’s musicians, George Jones being on of those. 

You are worthy of success, and if you ask for it, the Universe will deliver….but only if you truly embody and believe this truth.

(We all grew up hearing contradictory messages about sex, and so many of us experience ambivalence about it. That’s normal. The more aware you are of the contradictory messages, the more choice you have about whether to believe them.) 

(Good habits great great art.)

This is a story every one who has ever attempted to make changes in life should read.

This is a must read for anyone who wants to communicate better in every relationship in their life.

(Real love is something you learn by noticing all the ways you are not loving.)

Redwall was one of my favorite books as a kid. I found this in a free library and jumped back into that world.

Grief is a motherfucker, man.

Phew, man do I have a lot of inner work to do to not pass on the emotional shit my parents passed to me.

This was a fun much needed set of weird exercises to help break me out of a creative funk.  

A story for the sake of telling a fun story; nothing to overcome or fight; just simple and beautifully written words to escape into.

Figure out how much your hour is worth, then pay others to do that work so you can do the stuff that matters.

We potty trained our kid in a week after reading this. BAM! We win the parenting game.

There is no other book in 2023 that changed my life more than this, and it did not make me a better parent; it helped me better understand what I want out of life.

First, I really did not grasp how good Fall Out Boy lyrics were; two, I still hate Panic! At the Disco; three, I have a much bigger appreciation for My Chemical Romance after reading this.

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