9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches. Anything larger than that and airlines require that you check your luggage. But for most trips, you don’t need much more than a carry-on and one personal item while traveling. If you’re a frequent flyer, you have the necessities of what to bring with you pretty much nailed down.

For a few of my clients, however, traveling is part of their job.

Take my client Jon for instance. He works backstage for a production company that takes hit Broadway musicals to cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Naples, and Detroit. He’s traveling to a new city (nearly) every week, and there are times that the gym his company provides for the week is either

A) miles from where he is staying, or

B) the hotel gym where he is staying only has treadmills.

When this happens, Jon emails me and I set up some bodyweight routines for him during that week. (This is one of the best things about online coaching, you take your coach with you on the road. It’s a Gameboy for Fitness.)


If you don’t have a coach to help set up some workouts for you on the road, there are a few tools you can stuff in your carry-on luggage (or in your personal item) that will help you stay fit while traveling.

Exercise Bands

In the words of Han Solo, “they don’t look like much, but they’ve got it where it counts.” Bands allow you to keep constant tension on your muscles and are a great solution for frequent travelers who value exercise in their life.

Tension is what stimulates muscle growth. And holy crap do these things help you get a massive skin-splitting pump. Now, you won’t be pushing your muscles to the max, but you can still burn a ton of calories if you keep your rest periods short and reps high. Plus, all the same exercises you know and love can be done with bands. So there’s no need to learn anything new to use these elastic tubes.

Here’s a quick workout you can do with bands while you’re traveling.

Perform 5 rounds of all exercises, with no rest between. Rest for 45 seconds after the last exercise. Then start the circuit all over again.

Resistance Band Bent-Over Row – 12-15 reps

Resistance Band Shoulder Press – 12-15 reps

Resistance Band Squat – 12-15 reps

Resistance Band Reverse Fly – 12-15 reps

Resistance Band Curls – 12-15 reps

Jump Rope

A jump rope is the easiest piece of fitness equipment — besides your own body — to stow away in your luggage. Personally, I am the worst jump roper in history. But if you have better coordination than this ginger douche, then a jump rope is the best way to stay fit while you travel. And if you happen to be a next level jump roper, you can up your level of difficulty by grabbing weighted jump ropes.

You’ll jack your heart rate up and burn a ton of calories with a jump rope in only 10-15 minutes. And you can do this while you’re in your hotel room or out on the lawn at your grandma’s house.

Suspension Trainers

Suspension trainers develop strength, balance, and core stability all at once. Not to mention, they’re extremely portable and durable. They can attach to door frames, fence posts, or any stable surface. Plus, they’re a great way for you to improve and intensify bodyweight training.

Here is a killer suspension trainer workout I use with clients.

Single Leg Squat – 12 reps

Rows – 12 reps

Hamstring Pull In – 12 reps

Chest Press – 12 reps

Bicep Curl – 12 reps

Jump Squats – 12 reps


Can’t pack any of these tools when you’re traveling? It’s a good thing you’re already taking a tool with you: your suitcase. Check the video out below to see how you can use your luggage for a great workout while on vacation.

Road Fitness

Whether you’re traveling the world or taking a long weekend away doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your workouts. Pack these awesome tools in your luggage and stay fit on your next trip. Safe travels, my friend.

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