3 Keys to Overcome Any Obstacle Life Throws at You

Determined to climb Y Mountain, I set off early into the gloomy morning sunlight creeping over the horizon.

After blasting my legs with heavy squats and leg presses the previous day, I wasn’t in the mood to hike. Walking up the stairs to my apartment was challenging enough.

But I’d committed to slaying this beast today.

Despite my enthusiasm and persistent will to succeed, not even halfway into the hike, I was forced to retreat. I returned home defeated.

Regardless of my intentions, I had failed to properly prepare for this hike:

  • I didn’t pack enough food
  • The rain pounded me and my morale
  • And I neglected to bring a friend…all in all, a recipe for disaster.
I learned a valuable lesson that day.

Survival of the fittest doesn’t mean survival of the most confident—it means survival of the most prepared.

The heroes of today’s trending TV shows like The Walking Dead or video games like Fallout have to survive by any means necessary.

But they rarely do this blindly. Only the most prepared survive.

Surviving the Game of Life

The biggest difference between your life and video games: you don’t return to the last checkpoint when you die.

You need to have a plan or you’re not going to live long enough to “leave copies” for the next generation.

Future calamities are unpredictable—you don’t know what might happen

World war, famine, alien invasions, terrorist attacks, anarchy, the zombie apocalypse, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis…the possibilities are endless.

I’m not a pessimist.

But I’d rather be prepared for the worst than idly sit by hoping for the best.

Your survival depends on three things: Nutrition, Fitness, and Discipline.


Thousands of health and diet programs claim to be “The Best” or “The Only Way.”

Google “bananas” and you’ll find them in the Top 5 Worst Foods and the Top 5 Best Foods.

What the eff?

How can a food source be both good and bad for you?

It’s the internet, there’s a lot of conflicting information out there.

Focus on consuming lean protein and veggies. Consume complex carbohydrates like oats, potatoes, and whole grains. While limiting processed over sugar filled foods. Then add in a moderate amount of healthy fats from olive oil, avocados, nuts, or cheese.

*Note from Robbie, if you’ve always struggled with nutrition, download my Health Points Nutrition Guide and lose body fat without ever counting a single calorie.*


With fat loss, nutrition is more than three-quarters of the battle. But fitness plays a vital role in your survival as well.

Fitness means something different to everyone.

It doesn’t only mean ripped abs and bulging muscles. For me it means:

“The physical capacity to perform any human function or activity without restriction.”

This means the ability to run, sprint, swim, bike, lift and kill a horde of zombies if the situation demands.

Fitness is being able to carry a wounded soldier off the battlefield, hefting a mighty sword against a ferocious dragon, or being able to trudge across the wasteland in complete body armor.

Through training and repetition, you build strength, agility, and mastery over your body and the world around you.

Fitness to survive is never born—it’s grown day by day through diligent effort.


Without discipline, all your hard work and dedication mean nothing. It’s like encountering a random pack of deathclaws in Fallout before you remember to save.

This is what death looks like

Discipline is about enduring to the end; it’s about achieving your short-term and long-term goals.

The ability to fight for what you want most rather than what you want right now — that’s discipline.

You’re not always going to be motivated, but you can always be disciplined.

When you’re disciplined, you have complete mental and physical self-control over your body, thoughts, and actions.

Doing what you know needs to be done, even if you don’t want to do it, is how you level-up your discipline attribute.

Everyone must make the choice between the pain of discipline and the pain of regret: one leads to the constant struggle to survive—the other leads to hopeless submission.

Survive and Reach the Summit

My experience climbing Y Mountain could have been different. If I had prepared, I would’ve finished without any problems.

Determined to not let the mountain conquer me. I recently decided to climb the mountain again. but this time, I was prepared to survive my trek. I didn’t destroy my legs in the gym the day before, I started the day with a nutritious breakfast, packed snacks for the journey, and even brought a companion.

This time, I had zero problems throughout the hike.

Surviving whatever life throws at you is easier when you’re prepared. Discipline, proper nutrition, and exercise will help you prepare for any obstacles life hurls at you.

The “Game of Survival” is yours to win.



Jesse is the man behind the mask at Fallout Fitness. He’s helping individuals get survival fit for the apocalypse. The dangers of the future are uncertain, but you can’t go on living in fear. Live with confidence and hope by transforming yourself into a survivor. Whether bears, tornadoes, aliens, nuclear disasters, floods, civil unrest, or World War III threaten your life, fitness will be your #1 asset.

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