The Playlist of Kickassery

Everyone has one.

You might have two. Or three, depending on your mood.

But, for the most part, every person you see at the gym has headphones on rocking out to their favorite workout playlist.

Music has been a vital component of our experience as humans since the dawn of time.

It can elicit powerful emotional responses that can fuel your workouts, creativity, or make you feel really damned good.

One song, one lyric, a single strum of the guitar can send your brain into a trance-like state.

All of a sudden, you’re focused, driven, and determined to finish your task at hand. Or, that one note the piano plays, that chord the guitar screeches from its soul, or the tug on your heart created by the violin’s hum can bring tears to your eyes.

Then again, for the gym, you need inspiration. You need to get pumped. Amped. Inspired. Charged. Psyched.

For fuck’s sake, you need to go full Super Saiyan for your next set.

Hopefully, in this moment, you have a kick ass playlist that will supercharge your mind and body to crush that weight like the Hulk smashing Loki.

If you don’t have that playlist, take mine.

The Playlist of Kickassery will provide you the power to dig deep and crush your next set in the gym.


I put this bad boy on random and whatever song comes on is the song I have to lift to.

Except for deadlifts.

For deadlifts, you always, ALWAYS, choose Rage Against the Machine Killing in the Name.”

Let me know in the comments below what song gets you the most pumped during your workouts.

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